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A Tour of the Psychedelic Summer Exhibit at the RARE Gallery

It's not often that we go to a gallery show and walk away with a purchased item. It's not that we don't want to, it's just that we're not generally balling like that. Not that this was their only intention, but Ty Ziskis and Carlos M. Ruiz (aka CMRTYZ), have a lot of shit to buy at their Psychedelic Summer installation at RARE Gallery. Records, zines, shirts, tapes, pins....the list could go on. There is literally a store built into the exhibit, and since filming this video we've gone back multiple times to nerd out and buy weird European 7-inches for reasonable prices. But they've also got the whole gallery thing going too—primarily made up of artwork from musicians (both Cassie Ramone from Vivian Girls and Matt Volz of The Beets have work that's featured prominently) as well as Ruiz—who has designed show posters for approximately 1.2 million bands. Basically, it's a classier window into the lives of musicians who are in the weird space between DIY roots and full blown huge music careers. The installation is running through July 24th, and is totally worth checking out.

A Tour of the Psychedelic Summer Exhibit at the RARE Gallery