Skream f. LaRoux, “Finally” MP3


LaRoux dolo, not so much, but her collaborations are another story: first there was Skream‘s banger remix of “Into the Kill,” followed by Major Lazer’s awesomely electro-dubwise LazerProof mixtape. Now that she’s back with the young dubstep genius, providing lilting contrast to his dead-serious synths, we can’t help but think they should just join up permanently as LaSkream or something. Skeroux? Even so, this is her only feature on his new album, Outside the Box, out early August.

Download: Skream f. LaRoux, “Finally”

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  1. youloveit says:

    in for the kill..

  2. DireWolf says:

    I think the word you were looking for is solo, not “dolo”. If I were given the privilege of writing for The Fader, or about Skream for that matter (him being one of my favorite artists), I’d run a fucking spell check before I hit publish…

  3. Manny says:

    It’s ok. In 4 the Kill is way way way better

  4. Dave Park says:

    Dolo = Solo
    Also in the text I think it should be “In for the Kill” and not “Into the Kill.” Thanks for posting. Liking the track a lot

  5. shivan says:

    “Why the fuck do fader think they can just give my shit away?!!! I am seriously fucked off….. Cunts!”

  6. asdaDF says:

    Julianne Escobedo Shepherd you are a cunt.

  7. JoeEtc says:

    You give blogs a bad name.

  8. Skream Gonna Gitcha says:

    Giving out unreleased tunes without permission? Good luck with that.

  9. Matt says:

    How come you’ve still got this up as a free download when it looks like from skream’s Twitter you haven’t got permission?

  10. Ur fucked says:

    Hope u got a good solicitor cos this boy don’t fuck about!

  11. Norman j says:

    It’s a shame that some musicians chance of generating any revenue from music are put into further disarray when blogs do this. How do they expect them to earn a living if they spend all the time in the studio & all their efforts are rinsed for free cos a few impatient blogs. Shameful :(

  12. anon says:

    echo Norman j — this is pretty fucking low. being a traffic whore at the expense of an artist.

    you didn’t even get “in for the kill” right. superb job!

  13. Blogs says:

    Douchebags, it’s amazing how some people act like blogs are doing musicians a favor, fuck you

  14. Philippe Aussant says:

    Just take the link down please if you still have some common sense

  15. Dot says:

    This is just La Roux’s Saviour over a Skream Instrumental…


  16. The 691 says:

    I’ve had 2 Skream tracks for over 2 years, which have only just come out yesterday on Freeizm 3.
    I hadn’t shared them with anyone – despite being hassled all night by people with blogs anytime I’d dropped them.

    You have this track for a few days and blog it.
    Expect a plethora of artists and labels to avoid you like the plague.
    People won’t want to share Herpes with you after this.

    And don’t act like you are doing him a favour. This is no ‘breaking artist’. This guy has worked his butt off for years to develop his career along the traditional route.

    Should rename yourselves ‘The Feeder’

  17. w1nd says:

    Take this down…

  18. trnsplnt says:

    take this down. its clear the artist himself doesnt want you giving it away. you guys have only got hold of as you have got hold of a leaked copy. further destroying numbers for the record..

    this is disgusting. i feel for skream.

  19. tunnidge says:

    Absolute liberty, your a disgrace.

  20. emull says:

    Absolute disgrace. Your making yourself look like a right amature

  21. kolt' says:

    What a shame for a blogger… Wonder how did it comes to write this article and drop this file.

  22. Lazy lazy lazy says:

    Exclusive for La Friendly.

  23. M says:

    you’re such a fucking disgrace to the blogging community. You work WITH the artists, you don’t exploit them. You absolute lowlife scumbags.

  24. Michael says:

    I champion you Julianne Escobedo Shepherd. Information wants to be free and I am diggin this laroux.

  25. N8 says:

    All the work you guys do is superb. This is most certainly an honest mistake and I would be shocked if there was any malicious intent behind the post. The problem has been resolved (mp3 was taken down) and I am sure you all feel terrible about angering artists you enjoy and want to support.

    Nobody is perfect, we make mistakes, and the internet is a mean place. FUCK DA HATAS!!!

  26. tomas says:

    well, honestly. too much yell off nothing. there is whole album leaked on the net. honestly. marketing specialist tell you, that the people who just collect tracks on hdd would never buy the alb anyway. the rest will be commited to buy the release after official launch. this way skream earns more money. and the album is so good, that it just spread among the people that maybe would never listen to this. what finally bring more people to his live shows and more copies to sell.
    just read the marketing research. the same is in movie industry.
    unfortunatelly, we are living in digital age. it´s much better to motivate the people, then prohibite.
    believe me, he gets for this brilliant work what he deserves. and much more.
    many many people that i know did the same with mount kimbie album. the bought both cd and digital, just to support such a great release. i wish him many many copies sold. he is really dubstep prodigy.

  27. Kadgi says:

    I read you, tomas

  28. Gabi says:

    Less of the hate for Fader/Julianne please. This guy leaked it first:

    Fader are legit and this must be a simple mistake. Don’t rush to condemn a brilliant site when they’re just doing their job – and sharing new music with YOU.

  29. Joe says:

    no offense to skream cause id feel the same way, plus i dig his shit but, this track is now plastered all over the web, not just fader