Diplo’s Chasing the Dragon Mix MP3


This is calling back to Diplo‘s Soul Strut days. Rare psych! Also, The Sonics! No track list or letter of intent on this inaugural mix for the Pomp and Clout series, but it goes in the deep end of rock grooves, bleeding fuzz everywhere, weeded half-soul Holding Company chill out sessions, too. Rad mix and different from most of what you’d hear Diplo play lately. AKA no beats all heat. Yow!

Download: Diplo’s Chasing the Dragon Mix

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  1. dinorock says:

    can diplo please take a turn for the mark ronson which definitely would not be for the wose

  2. Monypony says:

    I LOVE this mix <3
    Good job Diplo

  3. Sir Indie says:

    It would be good for us Diplo “virgins” to have a little taste. On-page or in-line player?
    (says the multi-tasking web surfer) =)

  4. Sir Indie says:

    *without having to download it first…

  5. Tj says:

    You wont regret the d/l.

  6. Brushingworth says:

    Yeah this is good folks