It's not just an album title, it's the truth: Bun B is the Trill OG. The roots of our relationship with Bun go deep, so we already knew what a terrific and talented person he is, but when he came through our offices a few weeks ago, we were once again reminded of how solid he is. Whether he's mentoring younger rappers, devouring tracks, or just emitting general great vibes, it kind of feels like the entirety of rap would fall apart without him. We thought about all this as we talked about his new album (out next Tuesday), the Trill OG track with Pimp and Pac, and his new supergroup with Freddie Gibbs, Chuck from Cool Kids and Chip the Ripper. Honor the man: follow him on Twitter, where he's leaking tracks sporadically because he's just that nice, and "Chuuch".

Interview With Bun B