Premiere: 3Ball MTY Crew’s FADER Mix

August 09, 2010

While many of us have been sunning ourselves, experiencing outdoor festivals and generally participating in the leisurely activities of summer, the 3Ball MTY crew has been heavy in the lab, brow-furrowed and cooking up new ways to jack up the dancefloor's adrenaline/ dopamine levels through heart-palpitating rhythms. With the help of their mentor/vibes manager Toy Selectah, the Monterrey teen sensations—Erick Rincon, Sheeqo Beat and DJ Otto (16, 18 and 18, respectively)—have become the superstars of their city's unwieldy, million-BPM tribal guarachero party scene—but more on that very soon (stay tuned). For their FADER mix, crafted on the occasion of their first free EP, they've compiled an impeccably popping collection of their own remixes, showcasing tribal's high-energy clamor and Mexican techno electricity. To borrow a phrase from Sheeqo, "No pares!" Tracklist after the jump. Grab the full new EP plus two separate bonus remixes over at Mad Decent and Generation Bass.

Download: 3Ball MTY Crew's FADER Mix

Abusadora (Erick Rincon Remix) - Charlee Way
Sandungueando - Erick Rincon
Cumbia de Nuevo León Remix - Erick Rincon
Sol - Erick Rincon & Clap Piña
Black Moon (Sheeqo Beat Remix) - Jason Rivas
Diablo (Sheeqo Beat Remix) - 666
Riverside (DJ Otto Remix) - Sidney Samson
Vampiro - Toy Selectah & Mumdance
Namane (Guitar Mix) - DJ Mouse
Ritmo Sytrus - DJ Mouse
Los Dioses Tribales - Erick Rincon & Sheeqo Beat
Sonidero Compay (Sheeqo Beat Meets Sonidero Nacional Mix) - Toy Selectah Ft. DJ Blass
No Pares (Madness Mix) - Sheeqo Beat
Meyoko-ro Inka - DJ Icon
I Like to Move It (DJ Alan Rosales Remix) - 2 Real
Amok (DJ Alan Rosales Remix) - 666

From The Collection:

Premiere: 3Ball MTY Crew’s FADER Mix