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Grandchildren, "Saturn Returns" MP3

For a while, Aleks Martray lived in a punk house in Philadelphia where the Sun Ra Arkestra once performed. That's a metaphor for his band Grandchildren, teetering between the line of buzzsaw rock and the fuzzy light in the sky. Grandchildren are on Green Owl, a label so far most known for releasing The Very Best, and therefor ambassadors of wild positivity. Grandchildren don't quite have that same brash, blunt force of happiness, but come by their good mood in more subtle terms. "Saturn Returns," from their debut, Everlasting, has acoustic strums, pitter patter rim shorts, a ton of mellow echo, carnival keys and a touch of funky prog bass. It's quite a collage, veering excitedly and finally cohering into a properly radiant triumph. Rad track from a cool new band.

Download: Grandchildren, "Saturn Returns"

Grandchildren, "Saturn Returns" MP3