Mannie Fresh and Mystikal Hang Out in a Car

Right around 1:28 of this video, Mystikal finally settles on a Mannie Fresh beat to rap over and then goes off for a couple seconds. It is awesome. Mannie Fresh seems excited to play Mystikal a bunch of new shit and Mystikal just seems psyched to be in a car in the rain listening to instrumentals and not in jail. (via Traps n Trunks)

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  1. Matt says:

    pretty sick!

  2. Elliot W says:


  3. Slim says:

    God this is so dope.

  4. I think Mystical can capitalize on any track but on Minnie’s tracks… man, there would be problems. Mystical voice and style on the tracks are always entertaining and putting together words and story behind it will be platinum. I am anticipating the release of Mystical long over due album. Take off Mystical!!!

  5. Mannie and Mystikal… sorry, typed from my HTC Hero.