Video: Tricky, “Murder Weapon”

Man, sometimes the internet is just so helpful. In the description for this video it says: “‘Murder Weapon’ is a reworking of the classic dancehall hit from Jamaican-born Echo Minott, originally released in the early ’90s. Tricky fell in love with the track and was determined to hear how it would sound with a female vocalist (in a similar fashion to his reworking of ‘Black Steel’ with Martina Topley-Bird). Tricky here enrolls Irish-Italian Franky Riley, who has toured as Tricky’s vocalist for two years and makes her recording debut on his new album “Mixed Race.’ Directed by Fleur & Manu.” It also says what Tricky likes to eat for breakfast, his preferred type of yoga, his mother’s maiden name, that he enjoys spending time with toy ponies and that he first aspired to be a hairdresser. It does not, however, say that “Murder Weapon” is a jam because that Peter Gunn bassline is an infinity jam, that Franky Riley has got a robust lady voice and that Tricky is clearly the coolest boxer ever. Nice trumpet, too.

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  1. waffle bloke says:

    aahh new Tricky, syrup to my ears..hmmm

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