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Odd Future's Dystopian Weed Raps

If the rappers in Odd Future were indicative of California's social climate, the West Coast would be currently experiencing a miniature apocalypse, complete with grocery store looting and armed survivalist militias, plus tons of drugs and skateboarding. A crew comprised of Tyler, the Creator (comma=[sic]), Domo Genesis, Earl Sweatshirt and Hodgy Beats, their music is deathly illustrative of the end of the road, some of the evilest rap since Gravediggaz waxed casually about murder and mortuaries. It would almost be the resurgence of horrorcore—the thesis line on Tyler's "Splatter" is somebody tell Satan that I want my fucking swag back—if they weren't so young (aged 16-20) and concurrently emo, fully open about their depression even as they talk about demonic possession. They are also really, really talented—their story-telling skills are crazy, plus their voices are kinda like listening to bears growling from the back of a cave. "Splatter" and "Rolling Papers" are two brand new tracks from forthcoming mixtapes, dropped over the weekend on their website, OFWGKTA (an acronym for their full name, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All). We recommend digging through it and downloading everything, then watching their treasure trove of gnarly videos on YouTube (on an empty stomach).

Download: Tyler, the Creator, "Splatter"

Download: Domo Genesis & Wolf Haley, "Rolling Papers" (prod. by Tyler, the Creator)

Odd Future's Dystopian Weed Raps