Shotgunning Beers With Yelawolf, Part 1

Remember when Kanye embarked on a highly-Twitterized tour of various music-related offices in Midtown a few weeks ago? And everybody crapped their pants because he’s kind of like a big deal? Well, he did that at the FADER office in 2003. In keeping with our tradition of getting there first, we invited rap’s next superstar, our favorite Alabama homeboy Yelawolf, to drop in on 23rd for his own mini office tour. But our original murky plan of having him rap for us quickly morphed into an even better plan of having him drink beers with us.

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  1. TopBananas says:

    LOL. We need part II with the quickness.

  2. YungSwizzy says:

    Party foul.

  3. eaglefeather says:

    idk what a renegade is.

  4. Yeah, this is about as cool as it gets.

  5. beaucoupmoney says:

    Isn’t that Best Coast at 2:05?