Atari Teenage Riot is Back and Still Crazy

When was the last time you really, really thought about Atari Teenage Riot? According to our archives, the last time someone at The FADER thought about Atari Teenage Riot in an even cursory fashion was March 3, 2005, when the digital hardcore pioneers’ names were invoked in a post entitled “Throwback Thursday.” So, pardon our memory when it comes to this crew—they didn’t play shows for a full decade, and the last time they were huge-huge, most of us were still in junior high. Sadface. But seeing this awesomely edited, recently released live clip of the 2010 song “Activate,” caught at their London show last May, we found ourselves deep in thought about the sound they created, one that is so viable and relevant right at this very second. Would HARD Fest exist without these dudes? Would Crystal Castles? Sleigh Bells? Borgore? Maybe, but you can’t deny Atari Teenage Riot’s influence on the agit-punk dance party set, whether through direct influence or filtered down through the years. Fans of those bands should click the play button on this embed right now and prep yourselves for an onslaught. Protective headgear is recommended. Brave people of the world, ATR are going on a worldwide tour kicking off tomorrow at Leeds Festival and hitting various places in Europe and North America, go here for dates. (via Big Stereo)

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  1. Yes! says:

    Awesome! Good to see that Nic Endo is still as beautiful as ever, still sporting kanji over her right eye!

  2. Don O says:

    Atari + akai sampler = teenaged riots.