Video: Washed Out, “Hold Out”

Having become bored of the verbiage—and having read plenty of hilariously on-point Hipster Runoff spoofs—some of us have considered putting the word “chillwave” on our moratorium list. Not wanting to bury it alive, though, we posed the following question to the office: “Is the idea of ‘chillwave’ still relevant?” JFP was the only one in the room. He responded, “Are those the dudes with the coifs and stuff? I just picture those dudes who wear no socks and dressy shoes and some sort of stinky Salvation Army button up”—it should be noted that JFP was wearing hiking boots and zip-off pants while saying this—”and sunglasses. Right? Isn’t that the dude? I see one every other day.” Spoken like a true Carles. Anyway, Washed Out is one of the good ones, “Hold Out” is a lovely tour video, and it looks like he has a nice life, playing shows in front of brilliant light-orbs and relaxing in hot springs and what not. If that’s chillwave, and chillwave is wrong, WE DON’T WANNA BE RIGHT.

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