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Yal Like My Burger: Highlights From the Last 19 Hours of

The man of many men has had a Twitter account for some time, but something (Kanye?) has set his fingertips ablaze in the last almost day. And thus, with no real embellishment, we present to you a thousand pieces of joy in the form of the tweets of 50 Cent:

-Yal like my burger
-Yo I had 5'000 dollars this morning I got 2,300 dollars now and i did even by shitWhat the fuck is going on
-I'm on the low In my hood driving through the back streets with my strap trying to see what's hood?
-Ok the truth I'm on 5av by the bvlgari store.
-Twitpic just suspended my account damn They got 30mns to get it back or ima go haywire
-I'm hungry agin but I can't eat its to late at night
-Omfgimhot you a freak hun takin dirty to me:o)
-What the fuck is every body laughin at This shit aint funny I don't think I can stop doing this shitI feel like a crack head
-Ok I calm down now I was gonna go out side and smack the fristNigga I seen on twitter
-Oh man met this homer simpson looking bitch the other day But I aint fuck her tho check it out
-Missinfo you need to let me hit dat So I can get rid of that ciara rumorI like fine asian girls let me spank dat ass lol
-Look michelle obama Need I thug in her life fuck that come hereGirl you can be my mentor

Yal Like My Burger: Highlights From the Last 19 Hours of