Holy Crap Arcade Fire is Stalking Us/Made the Best Video Ever


The MTV Video Music Awards need a new category for Best (only) Interactive/Online Video Making Use of HTML 5 and Google Earth. Arcade Fire, you win. For “We Used to Wait,” director Chris Milk has tapped into the unlimited pathos of Google, setting a running man, birds and aerial views against a backdrop of THE NEIGHBORHOOD YOU GREW UP IN. Type in your childhood address and proceed to feel extremely nostalgic and probably a little sad when the whir of Arcade Fire’s yearning vocals punctuate the realization that the evergreen your mom planted when you were like ten is now a hundred feet high. This thing is a feat of the emotional powers of technology. It is also both supremely awesome and extremely messed up! Of course you will need to download Google Chrome to watch it, but trust us, it’s worth it. Steel yourself for the onslaught and check it over here. (via Stereogum)

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