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Stream: Hundred in the Hands, "Pigeons (Kwes Remix)"


The official designation of this remix is "Pigeons (Kwes._[o=o]. Rework)". That is because you will need some emoticon binoculars to find the original feel of The Hundred in the Hands' quick pop sunk in somewhere on Kwes' total takedown. In its natural state, "Pigeons" is totally worthy of its fire-puke video, somewhere between Britpop and disco. Kwes' redo might have the girl crying fresh river water. The UK dude who sees colors, is definitely working on texture here. Basically, this song is a braille remix.

The Hundred In The Hands - Pigeons (Kwes._[o=o]. Rework) by thehundredinthehands

Stream: Hundred in the Hands, "Pigeons (Kwes Remix)"