I’m a Mountaintop Waterdrop or, Watch the Trailer for the Documentary about Joaquin Phoenix’s Rap Career

Or maybe we mean “documentary.” Or maybe they mean “documentary.” Or maybe we both mean documentary. Prompted by his tweaker performance on Letterman, or something like that, we get a Casey Affleck-directed (why not?) film about Joaquin Phoenix leaving acting behind for a new career as a rapper. A rapper with the best beard in the universe. Apologies to Freeway. I’m Still Here is out September 10th.

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  1. Sir Indie says:

    When I first heard of Joaquin Phoenix’s career change, I accepted it with major disbelief…saw him on Letterman, and was waiting for a “Haha! I got cha!” Then he disappeared, and now re-emerges with this…

    At this point, he BETTER put out an album! Lol…however, if he returns to acting…I wouldn’t be mad (after the album, that is).


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