NYC: Fool’s Gold’s Day Off Starring Yelawolf, Pill and Everyone Else You Like


If you were bummed because all your friends are headed to Jamaica or the Hamptons or wherever over Labor Day Weekend, we now allow you to commence feeling awesome. Our pals at Fool’s Gold Records love everyone, so they have put together a free concert with a million people you want to see, on the kind of holiday you usually spend lounging around in your pajamas watching reruns of “Power, Privilege and Justice.” (TruTV, what it is.) Have a beer with Yelawolf! Get awesome with Pill! Absorb the righteous pop of The Suzan! Dance your blues off to all the Fool’s Gold DJs and friends! Bonus: it starts at 2PM, so you can still catch the first leg of the Carnival Parade! Labor Day is the freaking best!

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  1. Natalie says:

    THIS Labor Day IS the freaking best.