Premiere: Boys Noize, “1010″ MP3


German producer Boys Noize has unleashed 50 releases on his imprint Boysnoize Records, and he’s getting a little nostalgic. For his next single, he’s paying homage to his label’s first-ever release, his own “Optic/He-Man” single, returning to the same squawky acid house vein he mined all the way back in 2005. There’s no denying he’s improved in half a decade, though—if “Optic” was a little robot, bumbling across the sands of Tatooine, “1010″ is Darth Vader having a coronary and blasting everything in his path as a final act of evil. Wow that was nerdy. But true. Big tune. The flip is apparently a good-vibe vocal house track called “Yeah,” but we won’t know until this single drops on September 20. FURTHERMORE, in October he’ll launch a sub-label for experimental/techno called BNR Trax, with releases in the can from Electric Rescue, Jan Driver, Shadow Dancer and Benny Rodrigues. So is this dude’s hustle mode in overdrive or is he just a general beast?

Download: Boys Noize, “1010″

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  1. DANKE!!!!!!!!!!!!SER!!!!!!SER!!!!!!!NICE!!!!!!!!!CIAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kenan J Ibar says:

    Is this a downloadable link, seems like there is a problem when downloading?

  3. Max says:

    @Kenan J Ibar

    Not at all, right click on the link and ” Save the file as …”
    Good listening ! ^^


  4. Olivier says:

    How it sounds old. Nothing creative. So boring. Nothing happens. From the beginning to the end. Mainstream electro music is so easy to do, so hard to listen… Sorry!

  5. acrobat says:

    you have to be out of your mind! if you like boys noize, youll love this.
    should safe your weekend with the latest marco carola instead i think

  6. Xs0r says:

    @ Olivier

    You’re kinda right, sounds like an old tune, forgotten on his hard-drive and just got found again. but he is so busy, he should give himself a creative break and chill out on mauritius!

  7. sweeeet says:

    whats the problem with this song ? okay its not a dancefloorkilla ! …but sounds like bnr, nice as ever (=
    Greetz and Happy 50 Dudes

  8. illumineon says:

    hell yeah ! NICE , Danke!

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  10. Nicki Minaj says:

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