Premiere: Lazer Sword, “Batman”


“Batman” has nothing to do with the comic book character, unless you imagine Bruce Wayne using his night vision and skintight latex gear as currency to get into clubs easier so he can look at peoples’ butts. The New York/San Francisco based duo Lazer Sword, comprised of Low Limit and Lando Kal, uses loads of be-knobbed equipment (see above) to mine the more salacious ends of ground-scrubbing dance music, and this track is a deeply awesome amalgam of UK funky syncopation and lady-samples, Dam-Funk-invoking voiceboxing, derriere-motivating bass squelch and a spooky slow build. They’re on that Left Coast ingredient-sampling tip, giving genre the screwface while making music that sounds super beyond and cosmic. Also, yes, they are video game nerds. They sample Nintendo! Who doesn’t. Check their self-titled album out November 2.

Download: Lazer Sword, “Batman”

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  1. Plus 2 says:

    The beats coming out of these guys right now are unbelievable. Top notch production.

  2. Loetje says:


  3. Cool! Yeah yup apart of this is prob from but I do agree with your view Its also seen from FREEHARDPORN.NET