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Acne Blurs the Gender Binary with a Transsexual Collection

Certainly many of us young ones have move passed that old fashioned gender binary of only man or woman, but the fashion industry has been decidedly slow on the uptake, continuing to separate gender right down the middle like it's as easy as apples and oranges. In fact, it might even be that we've lost a bit of our androgynous progress with menswear's recent obsessions with rough-and-tumble, masculine aesthetics, pressuring the guys into toughed up workwear even if their lives have almost nothing to do with the great, rugged outdoors. Leave it to Acne to shake things up a bit. In conjunction with Candy, a zine that celebrates transsexuality, they've released this gender-neutral collection of shirts that blurs the distinction between the sexes, and will hopefully work now matter how you identify. It won't solve all the gendered prejudices in the world, but it's a denim-swathed pivot in the right direction, no? (via Wallpaper)

Acne Blurs the Gender Binary with a Transsexual Collection