Cloud Nothings & Kevin Greenspon Split Album MP3s

September 10, 2010

We didn't expect to feel 16 again today but so it is: Kevin Greenspon's indelible pop-punk has transported us back to having a messy car, driving our friends around and singing super loud to Green Day. It's not throwback like that, though—he just captured carefree innocence so well with these two melodious songs, going in on the power chords and somehow mumbling his lyrics and emphasizing his vowels at the same time. His messy, slackjawed devotion is a perfect flip to Cloud Nothings' shy shuffle—"I Apologize" just became our favorite song by the Cleveland sweetheart, and the dudes' split album special, out on limited CD from Bridgetown, feels like two best friends having a conversation. And if you want to take it even further, you can cop the cassette version from Cass/Flick out of Ireland: if you really love them, you'll fly there.

Download: Cloud Nothings, "I Apologize"

Download: Kevin Greenspon, "Post Life"

Download: Kevin Greenspon, "Carpool Pepsi"

Cloud Nothings & Kevin Greenspon Split Album MP3s