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Stream: Big Troubles' Album Worry

You'd be forgiven if you heard that another band was emerging from Ridgewood, NJ, and you were like, TOO MUCH TOO MUCH. Because, yeah, Big Troubles is another New Jersey-born band, but like a bunch of those other ones they are making really seriously good jams. Unlike a lot of those other ones though, they're working purely in the fuzzy, buzzsaw guitar mode that Jesus & Mary Chain popularized. Except instead of sounding like they just took every downer in existence, Big Troubles sound significantly more upbeat and stoked to be alive. Like they grew up listening only to power pop and shoegaze and would rather you excavate (although not very deep) all the melody and hooks yourself. Highlights include pretty much the entire record, but more specifically we're really feeling "Slouch." Get a physical copy of the record right here.

Stream: Big Troubles, Worry

Stream: Big Troubles' Album Worry