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Premiere: Yelawolf, "I Wanna Rock" Freestyle MP3

You'd be forgiven if you saw the title of this song and expected Yelawolf to be going off over a chopped up version of the Twisted Sister original. But no, instead this is Yelawolf in ticking time bomb mode, going from ominous low-talking to explosive yell-rapping that sounds like he's shouting out words while jumping rope or something. Once again, this dude makes it seem like we're getting one thing (which we'd be stoked on), and then gives us a whole different, unexpected thing that's more fun to listen to than we could have imagined. It's like if our parents told us we were getting a bike for Christmas and then when we walked outside they'd bought us a motorcycle.

Download: Yelawolf, "I Wanna Rock" Freestyle

Premiere: Yelawolf, "I Wanna Rock" Freestyle MP3