Video: Maximum Balloon Ft. Theophilus London, “Groove Me”

The new video from Dave Sitek’s party-music project, Maximum Balloon, is heavy on the green screen and easy on the eyes. It also happens to be shot by FADER video blood-brother on the left coast, Tom Banks, and directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada. According to their crew, the idea was a combination of Estrada’s love of all things green screen and Sitek’s desire to have a party in “heaven” with some “angels” and film it. So they painted a bunch of stuff green, slapped the featured player Theophilus London on various items such as an air freshener and Sitek’s sweatshirt, and played basketball and partied all night with a bunch of angel babes. Is this what living in Los Angeles is like? If so, we’ll take it. And if you’re curious to see more, there’s some behind the scenes footage below the cut!

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  1. CCdodd says:

    I love ya fader, but you need 2 get a player like the one’s that GuerrilaVbear and have.

    That is all.

  2. Hanly Banks says:

    The video is hosted on AOL and we have no control over the player. Sorry dude. :(

  3. CCdodd says:

    Naw, I mean when you guys offer songs to play – like that “Waterfall” mp3 two posts below – it’d be nice 2 be able 2 stream all the rest of the mp3′s on the page, like Guerilla does. Its not the biggggest thing in the world, but its just so nice and cozy lol.

    have a good one

  4. PFAS says:


    i definitely recommend this mixtape!