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Store Report: Florsheim and Duckie Brown Pop-Up

It's probably not your average fashion week event when you roll in and see freshly iced PBR in a metal bin ready to go, but that was precisely the case for the celebration in honor of Florsheim's new pop-up store on Mercer Street. In fact, lighthearted is the only appropriate way to toast the store, which is highlighting the brand's unfussy and always playful collabo with Duckie Brown. It's a cheerful, wry treat to see all the Duckie work in one place, from reflective brass brogues to the American Flag ankle-high boots. The folks at Florsheim also got together with Odin co-owners Eddy Chai and Paul Birardi, who curated their favorite Florsheim styles and an assortment of secondary items like books and socks. One more image after the jump.

Store Report: Florsheim and Duckie Brown Pop-Up