Stream: Mark Ronson’s Album Record Collection

September 21, 2010

Simply put, Record Collection (out 9/28) is our favorite thing Mark Ronson has ever done, and that's not just cause it's packed with FADER faves like MNDR, Ghostface, Pill, Spank Rock, D'Angelo (!), Wiley and Theophilus. Like his prior producer albums, it's glossed up with his extensive range: hip-hop, Brit pop, video game electro, international spy music, new wave, etc. But it also really shows how he's come into his own over the past couple years, each track seamlessly threaded to the other with his adventurousness. Which is not to say his prior works were not cohesive or adventurous, but Record Collection just feels more confident and fresh. Maybe it's about growing up, maybe it's about getting stronger, but either way, jamming melodies. Also, this dude got D'Angelo and Boy George to come out the back shed! Cannot front on that. Tracklist after the jump.

Stream: Mark Ronson, Record Collection

1. "Bang Bang Bang" (feat. Q-Tip & MNDR)
2. "Lose It (In The End)" (feat. Ghostface Killah & Alex Greenwald)
3. "The Bike Song" (feat. Kyle Falconer & Spank Rock)
4. "Somebody To Love Me" (feat. Boy George & Andrew Wyatt)
5. "You Gave Me Nothing" (feat. Rose Elinor Dougall & Andrew Wyatt)
6. "The Colour Of Crumar"
7. "Glass Mountain Trust" (feat. D'Angelo)
8. "Circuit Breaker"
9. "Introducing The Business" (feat. Pill & London Gay Men's Chorus)
10. "Record Collection" (feat. Wiley & Simon Le Bon)
11. "Selector"
12. "Hey Boy" (feat. Rose Elinor Dougall & Theophilus London)
13. "Missing Words"
14. "The Night Last Night" (feat. Rose Elinor Dougall & Alex Greenwald)

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15. "Bang Bang Bang (Count and Sinden Remix)"
16. "Sound Of Plastic" (feat. Nick Rhodes, Spank Rock, Jamie Reynolds, Rose Elinor Dougall & Anthony Rossomando)
17. "Bang Bang Bang (New Edit)" (Music Video)
18. "The Bike Song" (Music Video)
19. "Circuit Breaker" (Music Video)

Stream: Mark Ronson’s Album Record Collection