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Nicki Minaj, "Right Through Me" MP3


After leading the charge for innovative rappers in 2009, Nicki now continues to blast the R&B and pop landscapes wide open in 2010. Can her first album, Pink Friday, be all things to all people? Can she, with big pop hooks and guitar lines like this one, surpass the success even her new wee friend Biebz? Not exaggerating: she already has all the genders and all the ages on lock, plus if our instincts are right, her first major acting role is going to be on a bigger show than "CSI." Can we get an Ocean's 22 witness? The Bourne Prophecy? Whatever, we'd most like to see Minaj as Crown Princess of the USA—that's allowed in the Constitution, right? Track down below.

Download: Nicki Minaj, "Right Through Me"

Nicki Minaj, "Right Through Me" MP3