Nicki Minaj, “Right Through Me” MP3


After leading the charge for innovative rappers in 2009, Nicki now continues to blast the R&B and pop landscapes wide open in 2010. Can her first album, Pink Friday, be all things to all people? Can she, with big pop hooks and guitar lines like this one, surpass the success even her new wee friend Biebz? Not exaggerating: she already has all the genders and all the ages on lock, plus if our instincts are right, her first major acting role is going to be on a bigger show than “CSI.” Can we get an Ocean’s 22 witness? The Bourne Prophecy? Whatever, we’d most like to see Minaj as Crown Princess of the USA—that’s allowed in the Constitution, right? Track down below.

Download: Nicki Minaj, “Right Through Me”

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  1. Griggsy says:

    “innovative rappers” what innovation did she introduce way back in 2009?

  2. Jamie says:

    Go listen to Beam Me Up Scotty, Griggsy. Really, go on, shoo.

  3. Griggsy says:

    Thanks for the recommend Jamie! But you before you shoo me away for asking a legit question.

    Chew on thisl. Usually when someone is called ‘innovative’, it is because they’re introducing a very distinctive sound, something new that has never really been tried before.
    Sort of how back in the day, Tribe Called Quest was hailed for their combination laid back rapping with jazzy beats? or LIke how Beck was called innovative for his ecclectic mix of sampling and live instruments.

    Beam me up scotty and Right Through me sound pretty much like other tracks to me. So is “Julianne Escobedo Shepherd” just repeating what Nicki’s PR person wrote? or is there some TRUTH to the above statements?

  4. whoat says:

    “innovative” is a stand in for “we haven’t seen a really popular short thick black female in hip hop in a while”

  5. Jamie says:

    Well, Griggsy, I did mean for you to listen to the mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty, not just the title track.

    I hoped that you might hear, in tracks such as ‘Five-O’, ‘Easy’ and ‘Itty Bitty Piggy’, the way Nicki works with fragmented phrases and non sequiturs to create a flow which gathers impact from the proximity of statements rather than linear narrative or declamatory tactics. The word association trope (‘it’s going down; basement’) is standard for rap in 2010, but it’s a style pioneered by Nicki.

    You might also have heard the way she extends Lil’ Wayne’s elastic pronunciations into extended accent fantasies and dynamic outbursts, or the way she synthesizes rapping and singing in the most effective manner since Missy Elliott’s heyday. You might have even picked up on the fact that’s she a rapper working beyond the demands of authenticity which have been a dominating force in hip-hop from the early 90′s to today; a mainstream rapper who revels in ambiguity, multiple personalities and volatile delivery.

    Plus she’s really funny, consistently inventive (20 pop features deep and still surprising) and has the most thrilling ad-libs this side of Young Jeezy.

    Hope this helps!

  6. Gotti says:

    people just can’t take that she is getting the recognition that THEY DONT THINK SHE DESERVES. she is of our time! and is OUR only female rapper going in so hard with a distinct personality..and not just a barbie doll. i salute her…her sound..her image..and her come-up from jamaica queens. YUP im a fan..and if your not your a hater whos in denial!—GOTTI

  7. Sir Indie says:

    I’m still up in the air about this one…


  8. Benj says:

    Not a fan of this song, but I love Nicki as an artist. People hate on that girl for no reason.

    She’s had plastic surgery? Why do you care lmao. Jealous?

    She can’t spit? Monster, Go Hard, Sunshine, I’m Cumin, Jump Off. Go educate yourself.

    She’s a Lil Kim carbon copy? Really? Newsflash; Kim wasn’t the first rap bitch to wear a wig and rap about designer clothes and how fat her box is and all this shit. Get real.

    I will admit, I can’t stand her auto-tune bullshit (Your Love was great, but that was a much as I could take), but as a rapper she’s not only the best female in the game, she truly is a stand out artist. Pink Friday probably won’t be what I want it to be, but she’s still finding her voice and place in music.

    But at the end of the day she ain’t sweatin yall :) My girls gettin paid

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  10. spirits says:

    nicki’s so creative, i like her style

  11. Kevin says:

    Azealia Banks Is Going to EAT THIS BITCH ALIVE!

  12. SIMON says:



  13. Barbie Killa says:

    not sure bout da song either but she jacked everyones swag she is not original I know 4 yr olds that rapp better than her keys killed her pretty pimp murdered her and she is just not loyal next thing u know she’s going to suck jay z dick to get wit beyonce

  14. Gabbi says:

    i think nikki’s good very talented but to me she a black lady gaga shes werid n not very cute all da fakeness of surgery she wouldnt b half of wat she is without tha fake ass

  15. Fllygirlz says:

    I really like this song and “Your Love” a lot. They embrace her feminine side and the lyrics are hot too especially this track.

  16. Gje says:

    She is (as sad as it is to own up to) innovative, her style is to females/pop/ and music in 2010 as Pharaoh Monch was in the late 90′s or Chubb Rock was in the early 90′s … as Rza said Fallopian tubes or Dirty said Shimmy Shimmy… She’ll have more than 15 minutes of fame, she may make it to an hr…

  17. WhoaLando says:

    Jamie, is there come way I can contact you? Buy you some chicken nuggets or something? Cause your comment was EVERYTHING. TeamMinaj :D

  18. i–a DEDICATED nicki minallah stan–am also here to register in Jamie’s Music 3100 course ‘Hip-Hop Innovators: Nicki Minaj’.

    please let me know where i can sign up. :D

  19. divagirl says:

    shes cool