Yelawolf, “BMF Freestyle” MP3


Okay, it’s only a few bars long, but we might have to revise our statement that Yo Gotti made the best “BMF” freestyle—Yelawolf‘s now at least neck-and-neck. Considering Ross’ theatrical liberties in the original, and how first Jeezy then everyone else took offense, “BMF” has become about repping who you are as truthfully and as aggressively as possible—a marker of authenticity in a genre that long ago abandoned such conceits. And while Gotti admitted he’d rather ride around in a pristine Lambo than get into a scuttle, Yelawolf goes all the way real, repping Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and other Southern country legends who clocked in some time, then reps Hendrix and the like for their crazy boozing/drugging ways. Also, THAT FLOW! Download (and watch yourself) after the jump.

Download: Yelawolf, “BMF Freestyle”

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  1. felipe says:

    this sounds like weird al doing a parody of rick ross

  2. Ibra says:

    Sometimes I can’t take y’all seriously. You did hear Lupe did one right?

  3. natureboy says:

    Have you heard the 12tr old kid who opens for Ninjasonik do King of Rock over BMF? Whew!! Lukiz

  4. K'lajh says:

    Yelawolf killed this shit. This is late but its one of the best remixes for this joint.

  5. Tay says:

    This SHIT goes HARD ! Yes !

  6. Greg says:

    Yelawolf blows dick.

    Why do you guys even cosign this shit?

  7. Sir Indie says:

    Hmmm…still on the fence on this one. Not completely sold on this freestyle, but he sounds like he has some potential on something else.