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Premiere: Mz. Bratt, "Selecta (Greenmoney's Brukussive RMX)" MP3


Greenmoney took a marching-band torch to one of our favorite tracks of the season (check us out effusing all over the video), splicing Mz. Bratt's chorus onto a rubber-band sproing and poolside synths. We are getting totally brukussive over here and that is not even a word! Shit is brukussive to the maximo! This is their second collaboration since the Goldru$h EP on Fool's Gold, which emits enough heat to nurture new forms of nitrogen-breathing life. (Amoebus Brukussiveus, obviously.)

Download: Mz. Bratt, "Selecta (Greenmoney's Brukussive RMX)"

Premiere: Mz. Bratt, "Selecta (Greenmoney's Brukussive RMX)" MP3