We Watched the Breakfast Club with the Breakfast Club


Monday night in New York, 42 Below and the Film Society of Lincoln Center held a tribute to The Breakfast Club, now celebrating its 25th year of high school angst, featuring nearly the entire cast in attendance. We sent professional comedian and John Hughes mega-fan Craig Baldo to report on the proceedings. Read his thoughts and learn valuable Breakfast Club trivia after the jump.

Monday night, I attended the 25th Anniversary screening of The Breakfast Club, presented by the Film Society of Lincoln Center, as part of a tribute to the late John Hughes. The film was followed by a panel discussion with the Brat Pack—sans Emilio Estevez who, according to Anthony Michael Hall, must have been filming Mighty Ducks 5 (seriously though, Emilio, what’s your damage?). Hall, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy and Molly Ringwald all took part in the discussion, moderated competently
by Kevin Smith despite him dropping the F-bomb at least 1,200 times.

Like so many people in the theater and around the world, my adolescence was not only defined by the timeless films and soundtracks of John Hughes, but also validated by them. If a Hughes character felt something, I was able to feel it too. That’s how I made it through high school, so Monday night was surreal. During the screening, I sat across the aisle from Nelson and Sheedy (the “brain” and “princess” sat a few aisles over)—I was watching The Breakfast Club with the Breakfast Club. As Bender crawled through the ceiling ducts, delivering his naked blonde/poodle/two-foot salami joke, I furtively kept my eyes on Judd Nelson five feet to my right, mouthing the words of the joke as he did, along with his 24-year-old onscreen self. Heavy. I felt I couldn’t come any closer to bridging the gap between 1985 and today, reality and fiction, innocence and enlightenment.

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  2. Linda Moorman Barrett says:

    very cool, Craig- what a fun experience! i loved reading the “fun facts”, too! Good job!

  3. Ginger Ingenue says:

    Oh, I love this. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Ralstar says:

    Then and now: Who was more do-able then and who is more do-able now. For then I am going to say Molly Ringwald, now I am going to say Judd Nelson in a wig.

  5. @Swish says:

    I was jealous when I saw your post about being at a screening for the Breakfast Club while with the Breakfast Club and…I’m still jealous. But at least now I got to feel as if I was there. Look forward to many more articles in the future.