Soulja Boy f. 50 Cent, “Mean Mug” MP3

Can’t tell if we’re bummed or psyched that this song probably originated because 50 felt the need to back Soulja Boy up on Twitter over an internet beef with Fabolous. Maybe somewhere in the middle? Both artists here are on their A-game, even if Soulja Boy always sounds super out of character being hard. 50 Cent, meanwhile, does the regular 50 sing-song flow thing but augments with his standard monotone and it sounds awesome. UPDATE: Now there’s a video that for some reason looks like an audition tape.

Download: Soula Boy f. 50 Cent, “Mean Mug” (via Nah Right)

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  1. word says:

    soulja boy best rapper alive.

  2. word says:

    “soulja boy best rapper alive.” co-sign.

  3. Rahn says:

    this schiet sound like a rap parody.
    fake a$$ gangsta rap? lol smh
    this is what makes rap bad. or give rap a bad rap. smh
    either way its bad lol

  4. Lumumba says:

    The universe is tearing open as we type.