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Staff Affections

September 30, 2010

Every Thursday, FADER style intern Stephanie Osei asks employees and employers at our favorite shops around the world what their most cherished in-store item is at that exact moment. This week, we caught up with Ottawa's Victoire Boutique.

Regine, Victoire Boutique:
Canada is literally located in a valley, so it means that the cold air just kinda gets sucked in and stuck there pretty much for 6 months out of the year. We really do need to take practical concerns like frost-bite into consideration when getting dressed on certain mornings. But we don't want to sacrifice style. This sweatshirt from Mauve Naif is the perfect mix—your mom would totally approve of its practical nature, but the design is still totally rad.

From The Collection:

Staff Affections
Staff Affections