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Stream: Alex Clare, "Up All Night" (Produced by Diplo & Switch)


The Major Lazer cronies put some serious Major Lazerness on Alex Clare's windswept vocals—beefy Nirvana style guitars with a hint of surf, thin sirens and a little bit of dembow in the beat. That said, the whole thing is pretty minimal for these two maximalists, like they knew Clare's wild belting could live on its own without them getting all Ferry Gouw with it. (And that is why they are genius producers.) Also, not sure if Alex Clare is singing about cheating, drugs or both, but the torrid emotion really lends itself to that stuttery chorus. We will probably sing this loudly, badly tonight at about 4:30 AM when we exit the club. Clare's album was recorded with Switch-o and Dipzy Doodle in Jamaica, LA and in New Orleans over Mardi Gras. Check out his myspace for another pretty wicked, David Lynchian track.

Alex Clare 'Up All Night' M3 (Produced by Diplo & Switch) by IslandRecordsA&RUK

Stream: Alex Clare, "Up All Night" (Produced by Diplo & Switch)