Video: Eminem f. Lil Wayne, “No Love”

This video is basically about a little boy who is bullied, but gains the power to fight back by listening to Eminem and Lil Wayne. It is almost as though the spirit of Eminem himself occupies the body of the little boy (in between recording sessions, of course) and enables him to defend himself. Pretty cool that Em can do that, some kind of shapeshifter, add it to his list of qualities. Next we would like Eminem to come and occupy our bank accounts. No love!

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  1. human says:

    well this is thoroughly boring and mediocre.

  2. moat_builder says:

    Agree with human but Em’s verse is dope… Almost hard to believe he’s still got it in him… on some Infinite/Any Man shit…

  3. elaine says:

    I like the description underneath moreso than the video itself. This whole “standing up for himself” concept is great, but he ends up hitting those bullies- ehh, not a great message. But yea, Em’s flow is dope.

  4. Lacey says:

    what is that little boys name!!???