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Video: Danny Brown, "Greatest Rapper Ever"

Believe it or not, we don't always manage to blog every single artist we're super into. One current office favorite is Detroit rapper Danny Brown, who we initially heard on Jay Stay Paid, really liked, and then kind of forgot about for some reason. Dumb move on our part, because dude has been releasing mixtapes and videos and hanging out with Tony Yayo for some reason for awhile now. "Greatest Rapper Ever" is the latest in a unending stream of homemade Danny Brown videos in which he raps in cool ways about smoking weed in either a kitchen or in front of a fence or a house. Take the videos or leave them, but if you always wished Pharaohe Monch would rap more about fucking your/his/someone else's girl and also rolling blunts, then Danny Brown is your man.

Video: Danny Brown, "Greatest Rapper Ever"