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Video: Nosaj Thing, "Coat of Arms"

Approximately 60 billion years after the original track came out (in internet time), a video now exists for Nosaj Thing's ultra-trippy "Coat of Arms." This isn't trippy in the way we'd normally use the word, aka stoner talk like WHOA BRO THIS SONG IS A BILLION MINUTES LONG AND IT MAKES US FEEL LIKE OUR MIND IS TURNING INTO A CLOUDDDDDDD. It is just actually trippy. Like the way the bass gets so sharp and then pans between channels... we may as well make a joke about dosing here again because we still have no idea how that works, most likely because it doesn't. Anyway. The video is about as perfect a visual accompaniment as there could possibly be for the song, there's lots of ominous-looking machinery destroying shit in the rain in stark black and white, as you'll see when you watch it. We're assuming you're probably in an office or coffee shop or somewhere public right now, which is good because this is one for your headphones.

Video: Nosaj Thing, "Coat of Arms"