CONTEST: Oi Polloi’s The Rig Out Zine


Manchester’s Oi Polloi boutique has just released a beautiful new issue of their zine, The Rig Out. Our favorite shoot, scanned here for you (more after the jump), was photographed in Norway, and cold weather pieces from Woolrich, Stone Island, CP Company, and Norse Projects are set where they belong: along a natural mountainous backdrop. Luckily, FADER readers on this side of the Atlantic will be able to take advantage of this instore publication by entering our Rig Out giveaway. Just tell us what your favorite Oi Polloi item from their online store is and why, we’ll pick the five best comments so that you can walk away with a copy of your own. Be sure to leave your real email so we can contact you if you’ve won. Have fun and good luck!

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  1. Tom says:

    Those Great River Canoe Co. backpacks were the best. Pendleton-y nonstop. Current favorite is the Woolrich Sportsman Baseball Jacket, because I want to dress like the dudes from Madness in the movie “Take It Or Leave It.”

  2. Matt says:

    Goose Down Parka’s pretty sweet – keep me warm in the Arizona desert.

  3. Alessandro says:

    I love the Henri Lloyd Consort RWR Jacket. I remember I use to drool over a similar one when I was around 16. Only the coolest guys had it back then! (talkin’ about Italy, 1988 maybe)

  4. Rob says:

    I’m loving the Rocky Mountain Featherbed vest. Up here in New England I always feel like this western look may be somewhat out of place but I am dying to get my hands on this. Hopefully I can pull of the rustic look around a bunch of preps!

  5. Corey says:

    guy cotten rosbras cap jacket in yellow, because I love heavy-duty raincoats and the logo is so nifty. Also I haven’t seen tons of press on guy cotten or tons of people in their jackets. It’s real authentic gear, not done for fashion.

  6. woolrich says:

    OHHHHH…..I love the Henri Lloyd Consort RWR Jacket.