Kenzo’s 40th Anniversary Collectibles


Like some high fashion, bizarro world version of the American Girl doll store, Kenzo‘s unleashed a crazy assortment of looks, one for every type of girl, to celebrate its 40th year on the runway. Shown at the tail-end of their latest show, designers Vanessa Reid and Antonio Marras went bananas pinning, tucking, and wrapping what seems like miles of fabric to showcase just how versatile and interesting Kenzo’s history has been. The two designers pulled from a wide array of cultural sources: we spot looks inspired by West African masquerades, Japanese Kimonos, Russian Matryoshka dolls, traditional Dutch wear, and maybe even a few nods to Natalie Portman’s home planet in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. More after the jump. (via Style Bubble)

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