Bassweight: a Dubstep Documentary

Initial reaction prior to watching the trailer: once a scene starts gazing in on itself, archiving and looking back, the vitality is usually long over, omg does this mean dubstep is dead, omg stab us, Carles Carles Carles. Reaction after watching the trailer: MUSTSEENOW. Shots of tons of bearded dudes dancing together in a room (haha) aside, this looks like it went in pretty hard, attempting to harness the spirit of the music rather than just capturing the people. The fact that the film quality is an analogue to dubstep—grainy, elusive, dark—is just a bonus, but seeing things like Mary Anne Hobbs in the BBC studio, Kode9 fiddling with a massive rack and a sticker for FWD on the street is a real juicer for those of us who love the shit but aren’t lucky enough to live in London. The directors have been working on this thing for two years but it’s just being released now—a fitting time, since the genre has finally reached mainstream status in the States (or is about to, thanks to Diplo’s forthcoming dubstep comp, more on that later) and Magnetic Man (Benga, Skream and Artwork) are like, the biggest group in the UK (wild guess). Pre-order it on DVD over here. (via the Guardian)

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