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Premiere: Odd Future (Wolf Haley & Hodgy Beats), "Sandwitches" MP3


To make a movie analogy, Wolf Haley aka Tyler the Creator is Javier Bardem from No Country for Old Men on this track, stalking the beat (which he made) with furrowed brow before he blasts a nail gun into its skull. We do not know why he does what he does, but it's deep rooted and dystopian and maybe not his fault. Hodgy Beats, on the other hand, is kinda more like Lefty Guns from Donnie Brasco, a made man with a good heart who's had to do some nasty business in his career but has made peace with it—he's killing a verse (and your face) with a friendly smile. All of which is to say that Odd Future's making some of the hardest, realest-sounding rap out right now, both proving that shit is busted out there for the youth dem (both dudes are under 21), and that their hometown of Los Angeles has been unfairly revered lately for being all beaches and palm trees. Shit is apocalypse central! Also dudes—thanks for the shout, we fucks with you too, let us all give one another pounds. Keep Odd Future's site on lock—Mellowhype, aka Hodgy Beats' group with Left Brain, is gonna drop a new album on October 31, plus they're always posting mind-gems up there when you least expect it.

Download: Odd Future, "Sandwitches"

Premiere: Odd Future (Wolf Haley & Hodgy Beats), "Sandwitches" MP3