Stream: Sailors With Wax Wings, “Soft Gardens Near the Sun, Keep Your Distant Beauty”

Sailors with Wax Wings album cover

Sailors With Wax Wings is the name R. Loren from Pyramids has given to his solo debut, and he was probably right not to just use his own name. The list of his collaborators on the project is extensive, including Marissa Nadler, James Blackshaw, and members of Slowdive, Swans, Unwound, Prurient, Krallice, Nadja, and Múm, among others (yes, there are still more beyond that). Calling it a solo album is kind of like Bill Murray tying himself to the mast and calling himself a sailor in What About Bob? (sailor pun unintended). Anyway, here’s “Soft Gardens Near the Sun, Keep Your Distant Beauty,” a typically theatrical slab of noise rock from the self-titled album, currently out on Angel Oven and this Bandcamp.

<a href="">Soft Gardens Near The Sun, Keep Your Distant Beauty by Sailors With Wax Wings</a>

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