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Mellowhype, "Right Here" MP3


The Odd Future onslaught has begun—here is a somewhat thorough background on how a crew you didn't know in spring are now the best/dirtiest dudes in your Twitter timeline (though do not get it twisted, the first person to write about them was Noz). Mellowhype is the group-within-the-group project of OF's Hodgy Beats and Left Brain, and it's got a more classically weeded-out LA feel, music for driving dolo in an Impala at sunset, a little coffee break between Odd Future's more murderous songs. Spark the weed, picachu. YESSS. Now go to their website and vibe out.

Download: Mellowhype, "Right Here" (via XXL)

Mellowhype, "Right Here" MP3