Stream: Dustin Wong, “Brother” and “Sister”


Dustin Wong, of Ponytail and Ecstatic Sunshine, has a new album, Infinite Love. It is a double CD plus a DVD. It does not include a tracklist. Nor does it include vocals. Some of it sounds totally stoned at home, some of it sounds like Guitar Center pro jamming, some of it sounds like the guy who plays in Peter Frampton’s band with the ebow, the isolated parts of his serenity. It rules. We found out that Wong is having a contest for people who buy the CD to have a Skype concert with him. “I will play a private concert. I want to have the audient [sic] have a special personal experience, where we can just be human, talk, share, and receive.” We’re good with that. We are also good with the liner notes: “On my 27th birthday my partner Angel and I ate a good amount of mushrooms. At the peak of the night I was on my bed as if I was giving birth pushing my stomach towards the ceiling, and then, I felt the love. As I started to get my sense back I kept on whispering the words infinite love.” We’re listening to this on laptop at our desks LOL! Listen to “Brother” and “Sister” over at Thrill Jockey.

Stream: Dustin Wong, “Brother” and “Sister”

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  1. Whoa, I am sleepin’ hard! I didn’t realize there was overlap in the Ecstatic Sunshine/Ponytail camps! Saw ES open for the Dirty Projectors in 07 and they melted my face. Can’t wait to hear this record!

    Exclamation points!!