Tent Posts: Interview With Two Door Cinema Club

We sat down with Irish sweethearts Two Door Cinema Club behind the scenes at Austin City Limits this year. Well, we sort of sat down—on blow-up furniture that conjured memories of our college dorm room. The band had just scarfed down a meal of sandwiches provided by Austin’s finest Salt Lick restaurant (washed down with a case of Budweiser that they had been toting around all day). Amazing! Minus the squeaky seating arrangements, they were just lovely to talk to and seemed to be having a great time in Austin.

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  1. Kyle says:

    BJ Novak’s newest character

  2. Yashadosh says:

    They’re Irish! Sick! I thought they we’re English for some reason. Something Good Can Work brighten my day. They will take over MTV and bring good music to the network. I can feel it in my heart, again.