Video Premiere: Systema Solar, “Malpalpitando”

Colombian collective Systema Solar is serious about their fusion of electronics and traditional South American folk music—there’s like eight of them around to run all their gadgetry, and they even have a video jockey (Pata de Perro, imported from Belgium). But for their “Malpalpitando” clip, they took it back to the land, reflecting the song’s pared-down nature and narrating a kind of spirit journey. It appears to involve some kind of drug ritual (evidence: barfing) before the protagonist literally evolves into something else, confronting the destructive nature of industrialization and doing a kind of earthly healing. This is from their self-titled album, out now.

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  1. vientonubeestrella says:

    amazing! viva colombia…pal MUNDO!

  2. un honor haber trabajado con systema solar!!!