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Stream: Deradoorian, "High Road (Tanlines RMX)"

Tomorrow brings the digital re-release of Angel Deradoorian's Mind Raft EP from last year, now with bonus remix tracks. Now, maybe you're asking "Why should I care about the re-release of a five-song EP that came out just over a year ago? Wouldn't it stand to reason that it's still fresh enough in my memory that I don't need to be reminded about it?" To which we'd respond: probably, but these remixes are worth checking out all the same. Tanlines take the comparatively tentative original version of "High Road" and give it the big screen treatment, with synth flourishes, "In The Air Tonight" drums, the works. And it can't hurt to give Mind Raft another listen, just in case you let it get lost in the shuffle while everyone was sweating Bitte Orca.

Stream: Deradoorian, "High Road (Tanlines RMX)" (via P4K)

Stream: Deradoorian, "High Road (Tanlines RMX)"