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Presenting The FADER Fort NYC 2010 Lineup and RSVP

Ta-daaaa!!! Here we go, folks. Last but not least of the billion CMJ-week events you may have seen is The FADER's very own and very well-known little downtown jam named The FADER Fort NYC. This year we're situated on the corner of Delancey and Forsyth, right next to a park and near a bunch of other stuff. We're going for two full days, Friday 10/22 and Saturday 10/23, with a few handfuls of our favorite new artists, and it's all FREE OF CHARGE as long as you RSVP. You don't need no stinking badges (though you can wear them if you want) and we won't ask you for a dime. That means free live music from the likes of young'ns such as Pablo Picasso, Teen Inc and Homeboy Sandman to recent FADER cover lady Glasser to supergroups like The Babies (Vivian Girls, Bossy and Woods) and Off! (Black Flag, Redd Kross, Rocket From The Crypt, Burning Brides) to, well, Waka Flocka. We are definitely not taking it easy this year. The space is spacious enough for our sponsors vitaminwater, Budweiser, Pony and Musicians Institute to set up camp while still leaving ample floor space to get buckwild, so put your name down after the jump and get ready to par-tay.

Presenting The FADER Fort NYC 2010 Lineup and RSVP