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Premiere Stream: Alex Winston, "Choice Notes (Tomb Crew RMX)"


Alex Winston is a chick with a really high, porous soprano. It can get a little gauzy, but the Brits love it—Ellie Goulding comparisons abound—and, like Goulding, Winston sounds best with a platform of bass to round it out. Enter the deft and heroic Tomb Crew, actual Brit dudes who love to tweak a synth and snuck in a sub-low pulse so subtle you almost don't notice it, like you're listening with dog ears. They don't diminish the original sweetness of Winston's doe-eyed cooing, just give it a helping hand into an enchanted bass forest, referencing garage and drum n bass with a matching twinkle. Good job to all!

Alex Winston - Choice Notes (Tomb Crew Remix) by Cannonball_PR

Posted: October 21, 2010
Premiere Stream: Alex Winston, "Choice Notes (Tomb Crew RMX)"