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Stream Anika's New Album Coming on Stones Throw

Anika is Stones Throw's latest signing and will release her eponymous debut album in the US on the label December 7th. However, the London/Berlin-based artist's continental compatriots can get it next Monday, October 25th and there is a full preview up on Drone magazine. As you listen, you may wonder where she came from and why she sounds like this, and since Drone is in French, we will just tell you it is because she is backed by Portishead's Geoff Barrow and his new band Beak> and is generally just cool. We don't know, we've never lived in Berlin and London at the same time. Knowing she does though makes sense of the deserted warehouse dub vibes on display. Also watch the video for "Yang Yang" from the album above for a not particularly revealing visual.

Stream Anika's New Album Coming on Stones Throw