This Week in The FADER: October 24, 2010 Edition

October 24, 2010

* Tokyo pop band covered rap king to great effect: The Suzan, "Paranoid" (Kanye West Cover) MP3

* While THE ENTIRE WORLD got schooled by a nine-year-old: Video: Willow Smith, "Whip My Hair"

* Former FADER editors once again schooled us on music from the '90s: Nick Catchdubs & Mr. Ducker, Radio Friendly Unit Shifter III Mixtape

* Mexican producer/DJ made us a mix: Chico Sonido, Exclusive 3Ball Mix for FADER & Interview Outtakes

* Cover star from last issue made a trippy clip: Video: Glasser, "Mirrorage"

* Pop star got her own nacho chip: Wild Promo: Rihanna Doritos

* While a different kind of pop star spoofed the system: MIA vs. Zuckerberg: Facebook x Three

* Our old intern, now a star, attended a quinceañera: Video: Best Coast, "Boyfriend"

* And, finally, Ari Up of the Slits passed away. Rest in peace, beautiful lady. We paid tribute with an interview from our icon issue and The Slits' very last video ever.

This Week in The FADER: October 24, 2010 Edition